Founding Principles

’LernZeitRäume’ was founded by a group of parents united in the wish to create a school environment where their children had the space and time to cultivate their natural skills and talents.

At the centre of the school philosophy lies the concept of community life: rather than being an isolated institution, the school is rooted in the community. Parents, students and teachers (educators) all play an important role in the day-to-day life of the school.

Educational Philosophy

We prepare our students for life in an ever-changing world by keeping one eye on the past whilst also looking forward. Building on the work and expertise of established educational models and principals, the school has combined the ideas of German-Dutch ‘Jenaplan’ pedagogy with that of the French ‘Freinet’ principals. You will find more information in English about ‘Jenaplan’ here and ‘Freinet’ here

These traditions, combined with the latest academic developments in education, inform our daily practise and development. Regular collaboration with academic institutions and experts ensures that we continuously reflect upon our practice and develop new educational experiences for our children.

‘LernZeitRäume’ is a school in which children:
  • have the right to be inquisitive and creative
  • learn by discovering things for themselves
  • learn to appreciate their own strengths and limitations
  • are happy and content in their school life
  • understand collaborative group work and use it to advance their own understanding of the world
  • work alongside trusted adults who gladly share their knowledge and expertise
  • develop the self-motivation and self-assurance to reach their full potential
  • find their individual time and space (ZeitRäume) to acquire knowledge of the world
  • are offered a stimulating learning environment.
  • are valued and nurtured as individuals – no one ‘type’ of child is valued above another.

School Profile

The school curriculum is planned around the curriculum guidelines of Baden-Württemberg and for languages, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Our school currently offers:
  • preparation for Baden-Württemberg external examinations
  • full-day school
  • small teaching groups
  • tandem teaching (two educators working cooperatively)
  • mixed-aged form groups with dedicated group leaders
  • native speaking English teachers
  • English as a compulsory subject from the first grade
  • French and Latin from the 6th class
  • Spanish and Ancient Greek as elective subjects
  • Innovative science workshops and experiments
  • Self-guided, student-led Maths education
  • a specialized wood workshop
  • specialist sports teachers; including swimming, rowing and running
  • art, music and theatre projects
  • Geography and History projects
  • Ethics
  • media workshops
  • creative learning, including outdoor learning
  • a school garden

More time until graduation

We offer the “G9” curriculum, and other arrangements to allow individuals to take more time to reach an exam year should they need it.
These provisions ensure an inclusive environment for students from other educational backgrounds and countries.
If you have any further questions or would like to visit us please contact us for more information.

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